Please take into consideration:

  • The Ski School Ratschings is not liable for any accidents which might occur.
  • Accident insurances or personal liability insurances are private matters.
  • Private or group lessons will only be refund after the presentation of a medical confirmation written by a local doctor, by the hospital or by the Police service on the ski slope.
  • Without attestation the Ski School keeps a cancellation fee of 5,00€.
  • Backdated cancellations are not allowed.
  • Booking changes must be done before the group lesson starts again.
  • Reservation must be confirmed and paid at least one hour before in the Ski School's office.
  • If groups will be reduced in less than 4 participants, the Ski School maintains the right to reduce the lessons hours or to join groups.
  • Group lessons can be booked only for consecutive days.
  • Course tickets are not transferable.
  • The family reduction of 10% (valid at least for 3 participants) is valid only for the maximal course duration.
  • Weather-related cancellations of lessons will not be refund.
  • Missed lessons will not be refund or postponed.
  • Lift fares and equipment are not included.